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First of all, don't make it about someone else. Don't say something like, "You are not going to use diapers anymore because diapers are for babies and you're going to be a big sister." Keep it simple and focused, "You are going to wear underwear now, and you can pee pee and poo in the potty but not in your pants."   Second, take her out of the diaper (except perhaps at night). She will not care about using the potty as long as she has a diaper to pee in and someone to...
We use floss more than once. Before you say ick, think about. You don't throw your tooth brush out after one use. Doesn't seem any different to me.
Yes, it drives me insane. My mom cleans house for one guy who complains of being broke, yet he can afford 3 60,000 dollar cars.
I was very happy to come across this article in Christianity Today's Dec 2012 issue. I am one of those women who have had to deal with unfriendly church attitudes about nursing in church.   http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/december/breast-feeding-in-back-pew.html
I think the name change is for the better. Most members of the site will already be against circumcision. Perhaps this will attract new mothers looking for information.
This recently came out on Netflix, and I was happy to see this episode! Thanks to Mothering, my husband and I did not circumcise our son. At 4, he's already becoming the little intactivist saying, "Why would a doctor cut off part of my penis? There's nothing wrong with it." I asked my husband to watch this episode because I want him to consider foreskin restoration. It's not that he's against it; he's just not on the ball about getting this done. I told him to look into...
What is the Nina Planck issue?
Definitely could not fit 2 washing machines, lol.
My dad has offered to buy me a front loading HE washing machine, you know, the kind that cost like $1000! It sounds like a no brainer, but I had some reservations because I've heard a lot of people say that because they use less water that they are not good for washing diapers.   Also, I am overwhelmed by all the different brands and choices. My mom recommended Maytag because she said they are made in the USA and she has always had success with that brand.
Never buy anything with velco. It wears out too easily. Snaps are much better.
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