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I use crayola non-toxic ink pads, they wipe right off with baby wipes and stamp bright colors. You can always design your own "certificate" and use a nice paper from Office Depot.
3 of mine didn't have names for weeks. My first 2, I had the names picked out from early pregnancy, but for my third, he was about 2 weeks old when my mom started calling him Brian and it stuck. My 4th was about 4 weeks old, every name that I had picked out didn't fit her ancient, jet black eyes, until Maya came into my head and I knew it was hers. My 5th was about 4 weeks old. I finally named him after his paternal grandfather, Daniel. 4 weeks for such an ordinary name!
"Dirty Duncan" and "Shiny Schultz" are ways to remember the presentation of the placenta. Duncans are called "dirty" because they come out messily, with trailing membranes, and a good amount of blood. Shultz are shiny because the fetal side comes out first, with the maternal side, blood and any clots wrapped up neatly in the membranes. Duncan placentas are usually because the placenta was low-lying. Low-lying placentas tend to be followed with a good amount of bleeding...
God help me, but I do the drive through sometimes, though I prefer BK or Checkers. I'm a home visitor, and when I have 4 or 5 home visits in a day, I get tight on time and when I get hungry and have a few minutes, the drive through is soooooo alluring. I can go through the drive through and eat while I drive to the next home visit. I tried bringing lunch in a cooler, but sitting in a car, in 90+ degree heat for 4 or 5 hours wreaks havoc on food. I hate that I like fast...
Eh, what's a little rain and wind? No preperations here, except moving my car out from under the poinciana tree to visitor parking. (Visitors don't get shade in my complex.) I find it really hard to get worked up over a little tropical storm. I am grateful for the 2 days off from work, and the kids are stoked at getting 2 more days of summer vacation. I'll take Florida and hurricanes over tornados, earthquakes, and blizzards any day of the week.
Just don't buy Always pads, I swear they're made of fiberglass with a sandpaper cover. : Every woman I've taken care of who complained of being sore and tender several days PP had bought Always.
I stopped asking women have honey on hand for labour because very few seemed to appreciate it during labor. So sweet, so sticky, so thick, they just don't seem to want to swallow it when they're thirsty and working hard. Clear Gatorade or Recharge or diluted juice, frozen into ice cubes and smashed like ice chips seem to be tolerated well. Chilled grapes seem to go down well with lots of women as other fresh, sugary, juicy fruits like watermelon, (not citrus!)cut into...
A rapid birth of the head may cause tissue damage to Mom's perineum, especially if the baby hasn't sat at the perineum long enough to stretch it, but the baby's head? Unless it's a preemie, I don't think so. I don't think it matters if your hands are there or not, because I've caught several babies whose heads just popped out suddenly, with my hands providing support. (It's a yucky feeling, trying to slow the head and feeling mom tear underneath your hands as the...
Super cool, SuperCat!
I never clamp the cord until after the placenta is out, and I really see very little jaundice. I wonder if home born babies, with exposure to natural light the first few days, have less jaundice than hospital born babies, who are under flourescents for at least 2 days. I advise moms to sit in a sunny window with their diapered-only newborns beginning the day of birth and to keep their bedrooms sunny.
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