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We love Music!  Huge, huge heads with wonderful flavor.  And the scapes, oh my, they're almost as great as the garlic itself!  Sautee with butter and toss in pasta....mmmMMMmmMMmmmmmm!
Thanks mamas!  I sold it for eating purposes @ $5 a pound and seed garlic @ $10 a pound....can't wait to get more garden space in the coming years and get more in.  I didn't hear of a single other person in the area having a good garlic crop because of severe rains.  Sheesh, I could've sold it for whatever I wanted!!   ~Linzie @ darkstarfarm.wordpress.com
Does anyone here sell their garlic?  Do you charge a different price for "seed" garlic versus eating garlic?   What sort of prices do you ask?   We knew that we didn't have a lot of time to offer a garden this past summer, so we planted a lot of it up with garlic.  I've been selling it by the pound to co-workers to eat, but I just had someone come to me and offer to buy the rest of what I had left (!!) for her and her family to plant.  It's probably 15 lbs all...
Here I am! Darkstarfarm.wordpress.com  And actually I've got a giveaway going on there if you'd like to check it out!!   I just peeked at your blo That foggy pic of the spiral garden is great!
No, I meant could I plump them enough to be good as something other than soup/stock?  Like to roast?  They're between 2-3 years old.
We're going to be moving soon and would like to reduce the number in our flock.  So our plan is to slaughter and freezer quite a few of the chickens.   If they are all destined to be soup chickens d/t toughness I'm fine with that but is there anything I can do to "plump" them up?  I figured now is the best time to do it as they've been free-ranging and enjoying grass and bugs all summer.  But could there be something specific or extra to give them?  I also thought...
Just wanted to pop in and put ourselves out there too....we're at http://darkstarfarm.wordpress.com .  We're currently building our off-the-grid home, so probably less gardening/preserving this year and more building but I try to keep a good mix off all we do plus family stuff.  Plus, this week I'll be doing my first give-away!  So excited!   PS:  Thanks everyone for the great blog links....I love, love, love reading other's experiences and getting great inspiration! 
Thanks!  When the weather warms, I'll check the Farmer's Market....otherwise, I'll just search around online.  Any good resources?
Seeing how we will be moving off the grid (soon!) using solar power, I thought we'd use candles more in our home.  Just wondered about any input on good quality candles that also aren't pollutants in our home (something I've heard about candles)   Thanks!
  It is nervewracking to build your own.  And expensive.  But if you start small and pay cash to begin with, it feels much more do-able.  We did end up going to the bank for a loan, but it's a much, much smaller loan than what our total project cost is.  And if your that careful and conscientious you'll be fine. PS: Use a good accountant when your in the building process....they know all the little returns that add up!   Again, good luck and keep us posted!!!
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