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When my toddlers got restless using the stroller we started using a back pack carrier..they loved being up high and able to see everything!
Just the fact that you are so concerned over this and have put so much thought in to alternatives to TV makes me know your DD is not in danger of suffering the effects of too much TV. Don't be so hard on yourself s Good luck on your driving test!!!
I know what you mean. I'm sure LaLa wanted to hear both sides of the issue. My point was that if we feel they aren't right for our baby it doesn't mean they are wrong for everyone...and if we think they work great for our baby we shouldn't say all babies need one..
For the record: I did not say you must show only support for pacifier users on this thread. I said LaLa was looking for your personal experiences with the pacifier, and that I didn't think it was right to make sweeping generalizations one way or the other. peggy
(((Ellie))) feel better soon!!!
Hi! How long has she been sitting unassisted?..and does she have good balance when she does? Has she had any or many ear infections? Does she seem to do really well at another skill..such as talking, or fine motor skills? Sometimes they are so busy working on one skill, they take alittle more time with another. It sounds like she is well on her way, she is standing and walking by holding your hands..the next step is up to her..I think you are right not to push...
Welcome star baby!! I'm glad you found us! My DD has dwarfism (she is 5) so I do know what you mean about "lookism" I have had people , stare, point and laugh saying "look just like the Wizard Of OZ" It always hurts. But as the years have gone by I do get more used to it..I often smile and explain (briefly) my DD's condirion. Most people don't encounter dwarfs in their everyday life and I would hate for their only experience with one, to be a rude, upset Mama. I...
The House Nerd strikes again!! :LOL :LOL :LOL ( thanks simonee!) Hi Ellie!!
I heard that on the news!! Can you imagine?? How awful!!
It's wonderful to hear things are going so well!!
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