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Just chiming in to agree! My DD just turned two Sunday. For the longest time I thought she would never learn to talk. All of a sudden around her birthday, she just started repeating everything we say (which can be good and bad! :LOL) Sounds like your DD is right where she should be!
Good Grief!!! Ladies, we are ALL loving Mama's here. We are ALL making the choices we think are best for our families. If a pacifier is the right thing for your baby..awesome!! You are doing the right thing. If you feel a pacifier is not right for your baby..terrific..you are doing the right thing. The problem comes when what we believe is right for us should be that way for everyone. How can we know what is best for someone else's family? As AP parents we are...
Welcome to the World McKenna !!! Congratulations!!
Hello everyone! I am peggy, SAHM to six beautiful children. Molly 5, has achondroplasia (dwarfism) and Timothy 22, has OCD. I'm glad we're all here for each other!
We just opened it!! It is under Parenting Issues as well as the new Parenting Multiples sub-forum and the Working Mothers sub-forum because they are all Parenting issues, yet each have their own special sets of challenges and rewards, hence their own special place...
Yes, the new special needs sub-forum is now open and ready for posting!! Here is the link.. http://mothering.com/discussions/for...s=&forumid=157 Welcome All!!
..is now open and ready for posting!!!
Your new forum is open and ready for posting!!
We got our Special Needs forum!! Let's start posting!!
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