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Thank you for sharing that! I have used Calms Forte before with good results as well.
No, it does not go to your PM box..it is sent by email. It says "In Box Full at Mothering.com" When you open that email it tells who was trying to send you a message. You will not recieve that message even after you clean out your box. You have to ask the sender to re-send it. Hope that helps..
My second baby dropped around my 38th week..so fairly near the end.
I needed a copy of my medical record because my insurance company wanted me to get a second opinion. It cost me $90 and the insurance company wouldn't even pay!! I was astounded as well! I never knew they did that..they weren't even sending them to me..but to another Dr.!! Ugh!
I have always preferred not to take medication during pregnancy..not even a tylenol. However I realize that is not always possible. Each individual drug will be different..for instance aspirin is not safe but most OB's will say that tylenol is. Ask your mid wife about the specific drugs you need to take, even OTC drugs..
Are you thinking farm tractor? I just got the Land of Nod catalog and it had a very cute farm tractor motif
It is up to the sender to re-send it..
Wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!
(((TreeLove))) My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I think you're doing the right thing by spending as much time with him as possible. Is there a time when someone could be with the baby and you could take him to the park or something for an hour..just the two of you? Try as much as possible to ignore the regressive behavior..he will be back to "normal" before you know it. He is just trying to be sure of his place in the new family dynamics.
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