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I don't see this as a debate thread but as a support thread. We invited the Mama's who have had C-sections or are planning to, to the I'm Pregnant forum so they could recieve the support they deserve. They are caring, loving Mama's who have come to their decision after careful thought, and after educating themselves on the subject. If they have decided that a C-section is what is safe and best for their baby , then I suggest we offer support and advice on how they can...
Happy Birthday Ben!! Sounds like a great party!! My Gracie turns two March 9th!! Where did the time go?? She is the youngest of six...my last baby making her growing up even more bittersweet! Glad Ben had such a great day!
My DD's the same way!! It's kind of cute!!
granolamom, I hope you don't mind if I copy your post...I would love to do this with my family..beautiful idea!! Thanks!
http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...threadid=10346 This is a past thread about tantrums..I hope it helps!!
Oh I'm so glad it went well!!! It does give you a boost of confidence seeing your child "out in the world" and handling it so beautifully!! Love to you and Miss Iris!!
oops! Thought it worked the same way for sigs..next time I'll check first... Oh well, now we both no how to do it both ways..
Ok I wasn't sure so I tried it When you hit the post reply button you get those buttons to make font and color changes, etc. there is a button that says http// click on it..it will open a box at the top of the page where you can type "My Boys" type it and click "enter" another box will pop up for the url address type it and hit enter again. It will show in your post as a long url but when you hit the submit reply button it looks like my post above. I think the...
my favorite site
Welcome!! We're so happy to have you here!! Hope you enjoy the boards!!
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