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What a hard situation for all of you. I feel for what you're going through and I also feel for your son..he must feel very mixed up with so many changes in his life. I have no real advice...just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and your family and hoping things turn out for the best.
Welcome!! We're so glad to have you here!! I'm moving this to the Pleased To Meet You forum.. Hope you enjoy the boards!!
Welcome To The World Mila Kate!!! Congratulations to you and your family!
Here is a thread in the I Am Pregnant forum..you may add to this one or start a new one in that forum if you wish... http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...threadid=32604
(((Patti))) hugs to you! It's hard not to worry about everything isn't it? Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
I'm going to move this to the Midwives and Doula's forum and see if those wonderful Mama's can help you.
I have six children , the older two (25 and 22) are out on their own. The other four are 17, 15 , 5 and 2, and we do expect them all to contribute to the "running" of the family. This sometimes includes babysitting. I don't pay them for babysitting or individual chores but each family member gets spending money every week, because we feel you should not only help the family but also get some of the perks that come with it. Usually at the begining of the week I check...
My Gracie (who will be two next month) repeats everything!! She also loves Dora..she actually said "Hola Mama!" the other day..too cute! Of course she also repeats the "teenage talk" she hears around here..not too cute!!
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