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My children listen to all sorts of different music. Classical, Rock, "Kids" music etc. They have a great selection at www.musicforlittlepeople.com peggy
My only suggestion here is going right before bed and limiting drinks to early evening. I wouldn't even try night training until he wakes up dry for a week or two. My 4 year old dd is not night time trained yet. I tried just putting her to bed in panties thinking she'd wake up if she had to go. She didn't: and she was very embarassed about wetting the bed. Good luck, peggy
I really like the "How to Talk so Kids will Listen" book. They were very helpful. I also liked the Dr. Sears Dicipline book. Ooops! Thought I'd have time to write more...Baby's crying! Good luck! peggy
These are all great suggestions! If you are looking for something light and funny I would recommend David Sedaris. I am reading his book "Naked" right now, but my 21 yr. old says his earlier work is even better. peggy
I made that mistake with my older dd (she's 16 now) I would insist (nicely) that she be kind and polite even if some one didn't treat her the same. I am now retraining her, so to speak, to stand up for herself and be more assertive! With my 4 yr. old dd I am trying to strike a balance. I don't want her to hit back or use bad language on people but neither do I insist that she be nice to them. I think it was right for you to let your dd not share if she didn't feel...
That's a hard one. I am an "older" Mom and ultra-sounds were not routinely done for my first 4 pregnancies. No one thought it was "strange" back then not to know what the sex was or the health of the baby. With my last two babies they were available, and being an older Mom it was recommended I have them. I had one for baby number 5, was told she was perfectly "normal". She was born with a genetic condition. So that may give you an idea of what I think of...
My husband, two of my sons(ages 23 & 14 ) and me have read them all and we've had some great discussions. My 4 year old, eager to be a part of everything wanted to know more about "Harry Potter" so my husband has been reading book one to her. I agree that the other books and the movie would not be right for her at this age. We're hoping to see the movie over the Thanksgiving weekend. peggy
Congratulations! I am having a good chuckle over the poop update. It's amazing when you become a parent how much the color and consistency of poop can become so important! Blessings on your family! peggy
Hi Marg, Welcome back to the States (such as they are these days!) I was on a "mothering.com" break for awhile but I remeber your posts in the teen forum as being very helpful. I look forward to "talking" with you about the fun and challenges of raising teens. peggy
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