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hello all, this is sort of a silly Q, but i am going to be visiting family in Holland in the spring, mostly staying in Friesland, but we'll do day trips out and about and definitely spend a few days in amsterdam. so i am an avid used clothing buyer in the us and the idea of those fabulous european soft cottony clothes (without old navy or mickey mouse on them!) for 2nd hand prices is enough to make me squeal with delight. are the any versions of salvation army or...
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hi all, a friend of mine is having a baby in may and is pretty nervous about the birth. she has been terrified of all things medical/painful (dentists, needles etc) as long as i have known her, so i know it would be helpful to have a doula who can help her stay grounded, as well as negotiate between her and hospital staff. she likes the idea of having more experienced support there, and i am trying to help. i wish i lived here still so i could be the one! this is...
hey all-- i am nearly done with my social justice ed teaching program and i'll soon be looking for a job. any ideas of some progressive/social justice schools in CA? i have been told there is a real activist community in oakland/berkeley and lots of cool schools but i have no idea how to start looking. charter/public but private, too, i guess. thanks!
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pregnant. definitely. it begins.
the stinging seems to have subsided but i am still having the lower back sensation. only time will tell. either way, we'd be okay. we were planning on a 3rd but not yet--the timing is a little weird, but then, i'd get 9 months to get used to it. i'll just wait then...and let you know. thanks for your feedback!
hi all. i am going to throw some dates at ya, let me know if you think this sounds feasible. 1st day of LMP (last period) was Nov 6th. Had UPS (unprotected sex) with papa on 13th, 14th, 15th, thinking i was in the clear bc my period really just ended earlier that week (9th). i got a little nervous when i could tell i was ovulating on the 17th (less than 2 days after last UPS). now its the 20th and i am experiencing these symptoms: achy lower back (usually only get...
hiya, my daughter is 5 and this is the 2nd year coming out of summer that i've noticed light patches on her cheeks. she is euro and afro-caribbean. her skin color is brown (darker in the summer) and the patches are not as light as a caucasian skin, but definitely lighter than her tanned, summer color. in the summer, when she is in the sun regularly, she does not have the patches, i've only noticed it when the tan fades away. is it normal for skin to return to its...
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