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(apologies if this is actually supposed to be elsewhere: mods, do your thing as needed!!)   So, I have a 9yo dd and I *know* that moodiness and drama are not unexpected at this age.  Right now she 'hates her life" and especially hates school and i just miserable,, and I haven't been able to unearth anything terrible that is contributing to this; 4th grade is definitely harder than 3rd but so much so that nothing in life is good anymore and life's not worth living...
Hello!  My just turned 9 year old has had selective vaccinations.  I opted not to get Varicella, planning instead to expose her to chicken pox, but we've never had the opportunity; so recently I've been planning to take her for that vaccination.  Now a friend's younger kids have it, and I'm trying to decide if I should take her over to get exposed.   The idea of missing a week of 4th grade is intimidating, and I'm worried about how difficult having CP would be for a...
Hello, my kid is 8 and going into 4th grade, so a lot of what I see in this forum looks a bit younger, but the preteen/teen forum is def too old!  any other tween Parents?  especially of girls?  I'd love to talk with folks about the mean girl stuff that's just getting started, as well as body image for girls that age, especially girls who are on the heavy side.      
oh right, vitamin C! I found some homeopathic Vac Detox that has thuja among other things, and I'll toss some baking soda and epsom salts into N's next bath. she seems to be feeling better but she says the injection site still itches, sigh. Hi PoppyMama!
Hiya folks, I opted out fo vaxing when my kid was young. At her dad's insistence about 2 years ago when she was around 5 we got her the DTaP. After the third shot she had a reaction....a 2 inch red lesion around the injection site, crankiness, and it was sore and hard and hot for several days. Now, a couple years later we have decided tog et some of the vacinations. At the moment we're looking to get the polio vaxc and the mmr. Our doc really thinks we should get the...
hi y'all, I'm subbing here, not new to mdc and not new to being pagan, but am approaching it more intentionally as the kid gets older, and AM new to discussions about paganism on mdc!
oh me too, I love (and rely upon!) my Keens. I hadn't thought about getting them for her, but that's a good thought!
oooh those are cute! I think she'd like them and it looks like you could run in them.
(if there is a better forum to ask this in please point me in that direction!) My almost 7 year old loves girly, frilly things. however, shoes made for girls don't fit her (and they annoy me...I like functional footwear!). Even finding the right "boys" shoes for her is hard. she has wide feet and her feet are wider at the toe than at the heel. so I thought I'd check and see if anyone knows of particular brands that make shoes that would fit this kind of foot. ...
thanks, y'all! I think we'll start using wipes again for starters. Also, I hate to get explicit, but wiping front to back involves wiping with the hand behind the body, right? This is what we've taught her to do, but I think it's awkward for her. oy, is there like an online resource for teaching your girlchild to wipe herself? I am so not enjoying this conversation. LOL
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