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I agree. We used to make more, but I also didn't feel like it. My ds brings in less than $25k a year and we do manage. $30k would be nice. $40 would make me feel really comfortable, I think. Like decent grocery budget and I could have health insurance. That'd be cool.
I've started using Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds a few different things. I dilute it and use it in the kitchen. I clean my wood floors with it. I clean vegetables and dishes with it full strength. Everyonce in a while I give my counters a good scrub with a baking soda paste.
So glad I saw this. I am having a similar problem with my shower. I can get it out of the grout but not down where the caulk is. I am hoping it is something I can attempt myself because it is really grossing me out. We have always had problems with this shower. We are careful to leave the door open after showers and, weather permitting, leave the window open. I know my mom had used vingar in there though so I will be sure not to let her do that anymore.
I agree.The whole idea seems silly.
Have you ever looked at the book "Around the World in 80 Diets"? http://www.amazon.com/What-Eat-Around-World-Diets/dp/0984074406 It's really interesting to see the different sizes of people and what they eat. OP - I am in the same boat as you. We are on a limited diet and eat mostly home cooked meals. Everything is actually good and healthy. But I am forever fighting the fat. I have to really work at this. I am trying to get baby weight off but it is hard. I come from a...
I don't have any fun gadgets. They are all old or just crappy. I do love my banana hanger, which seems silly but it's true. I would love am immersion blender. I look at them a lot. I would also like a kitchen aide mixer but I wouldnt know whwre to put it. I wouldnt want it on the counter all the time but dont know where to hide something so big.
I'm just way into patterns and routines. I hate when they are messed up. Over the years a lot of people have lived with me for short periods of time. I'm pretty annoying to live with. I have food texture issues. I've worked my way through some. I cannot eat citrus fruit no matter how much I try. No pineapple, oranges and please, please, don't bring a grapefruit near me. It has brought me to tears before. Mushrooms are also impossible for me. And wool or cotton to teeth....
wool to teeeth. ahhhh. Hate it, HATE IT!!!!
Only once. Two skirts. They were a little too small. I squeezed, really squeezed into them. For a while I couldn't even squeeze into them. But, later on I lost a bunch of weight and those skirts go on without a problem. And I love them.
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