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One time I was walking my parents two small dogs, one in each hand with my daughter (probably 9 mo old) in a stretchy pouch that held her fairly snugly. A HUGE dog came out of nowhere and came after the dogs I was walking. I was able to lift both dogs straight up in the air (one in each arm) out of the other dog's reach, long enough for the frantic owner to catch up with it. My daughter was safe the whole time and unscathed. I can't imagine what could have happened...
I hovered/knelt over a bowl after the delivery and until the placenta was delivered to eliminate the guesswork. It can be difficult for an experienced midwife/doctor to measure especially if you are over water (tub birth/toilet). Anyway, I can't tell how much blood is in a toilet/chux pad so I just collected and measured to eliminate the guesswork. You also know when you are ready to stand up and get cleaned up etc...when the bleeding slows down. If it continued...
I don't have advice but I am happy to see that other parents go through the same thing. My 5 yo still loses it regularly. I also think its a blood sugar issue but it used to be compounded by chronic sleep problems. I still don't know how to handle it to "make it go away" other than waiting it out and not freaking back on her.
My personal opinion is that EC goes much better without diapers. I find diapers to be a crutch. I can pay less attention so I catch less. It doesn't matter how old my little one is.
Quote: Originally Posted by basje fyi, if you're delaying clamping for an hour or so you don't really need to tie off as the blood will visibly drained and the purpose of tying is to cut off the blood so it doesn't leak everywhere. The main thing is to boil your scissors ....
I have always had to take my little one out of the carrier but I have never had to take the carrier off. I always use a simple pouch carrier so it is just like another piece of clothing (no straps/buckles).
My approach was to prepare by knowing what was an actual problem (bleeding over 2 cups for example) and what is just a variation of normal. I researched it in advance and knew when I needed to go to the hospital. During the labor and delivery I put the research out of my mind and let my body do its work. I delivered on my knees on the floor and then spend some time in the same area over a bowl while I got to know my new baby. I caught all the blood loss in the...
I was hoping that my daughter would be at the birth with me (she was 3.5 at the time) but I was pretty much incapacitated as soon as contractions started and my vocalizations were LOUD and totally freaked her out. In the end, my dad had to take her out and she totally missed the birth. In retrospect I wish I would have explained what was going on better (especially the noises) and then had someone arranged to be HERE to watch her.
I would love to birth in the ocean or woods if I ever have another child. A cabin sounds lovely. Can you check with a Realtor for a monthly rental and just camp out from 38-42 weeks?
I saw this too and shared it on my FB page yesterday!! Isolating with kegels never made any sense to me. It always struck me that a naturally fit person should be fit throughout, not just on the outside. I also thought walking and making love would be natural strengtheners (just my impression).
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