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Thanks. I'll try again. So easy I forgot about it.
I forgot about my fimjolk and let it go for 24-hours, the last 12 of which were in my very warm oven with 40 watt bulb. It smells very yeasty--beer like--and does not taste necessarily like something I would eat whole heartedly. Can I still reculture from this batch?
It's pasteurized milk. When I make yogurt with store bought yogurt, I always bring my milk up to 185 degrees on the stove top.
Our two favorite bedtime books are Time for Bed http://www.amazon.com/Time-Bed-Big-B...4059579&sr=8-1 I Love You as Much http://www.amazon.com/I-Love-You-As-...4059601&sr=1-1 Both are repetitive with beautiful, sleepy illustrations.
Regarding filmjolk starters and other "counter top" fermenting yogurts... I am curious as to why the milk does not have to be sterilized prior to culturing. Is it because of the mild temperature of which it needs to rest? Don't get me wrong, I dislike going to all that trouble. I'm preparing to order one of these type starters and want to make sure this is not some crazy pipe dream.
Quote: Originally Posted by 3901sca Ok, so this is a totally dumb question, but when you put up the wire on the wall to clip pictures to, is it just two tacks with wire or string between them? I keep being afraid I'm going to do it and it will just look dumb, but can't find close-ups to look at! I'm trying to figure out if I can do a line for pictures, and another strong enough to withstand playsilks and a crazy two year old. Right now the only silks...
http://www.austinmidwife.com/index.html I really love Michele.
Quote: Originally Posted by cera Ahh a good post, my ds age 2 is constantly telling me "u do it" for almost everything. It makes me wonder how other mama's get their littles to do something on their own. I don't really remember having this issue with my eldest, he was quite content to play on his own, now is another story, lol. But little ds wants me to do it all, playdoh, color, paint, play with his toys......ugh, it never ends. I don't mind a whole lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by 3901sca Ooh! Like the shopping cart! Do you have any other pictures of it? Or could point to it online? I haven't seen that one before! Are you referring to the wooden stroller? Or that blue one? That blue one is a tacky Wal-Mart one (brand stickers removed) that the girls received for Christmas. The wooden stroller came from a wonderful and inexpensive ebay...
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