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We got a cat. Now I feel sorry for the cat! But really, it hasn't helped that much. She's way more into mamma than toys or T.V. Your babe looks like she is about her age. We also tried the special markers.
Does anyone have any healthy and easy meal ideas to feed my picky 13-month old? Bowls immediately hit the floor. She is still nursing all night and upped to like 4-5 times per day. There may be a drop in supply, but it's still there. I'm just worried about her getting enough calories and all that good stuff. She was just eating what I eat, but..... I feel like booty. Can barely eat. Blech. Bye.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Yep. Right there. Day looks something like this: hungry/queasy eat (hard to do) is it enough? still feel queasy eat more still feel queasy eat more feel overstuffed, but not queasy! feel REALLY overstuffed and queasy feel hungry and queasy repeat. and a steam roller rolls over me several times a day. -Angela BARF!!! Eating is gross, as is kissing. Wish I could do both!
I have been very, very hard on myself about the same thing. I'm only 7 weeks, but feel miles away from the attachment, love and excitement I had with my DD (who was also a surprise). I suppose part of it stems from my DD's absolutely dreadful sleeping habits, despite cosleeping, and having a DP who is away about 1/3 of the time. The nearest family is 3.5 hours away and everyone just stays so busy we hardly see them. My house needs alot of work (we moved into a fixer...
We are living in a fixer upper that I thought stunk before. Whoooa mamma, does it ever stink now! Cabinet smells, toilet smells, moldy smells, just stink, stink, stink. I don't think anything smells good, except maybe DD right before she smears food all over herself!
Oh my DD wants to nurse all the live long day and night. For extended periods. At about an hour of dry nursing I'll unlatch her and she will throw the biggest fit. She's also become much more clingy and has gone from 5-6 nursings a night (normal) to just being up all night if I remove the boob. I suspect this new found clinginess and need to nurse constantly is from a dropping supply or maybe she notices changes in me (grouchy and laying on the couch all the time!) ...
Cooler than normal! Except when I smell nasty food and the ms comes on strong!
This first trimester is definitely worse than my first one! I guess it's lack of excitement on my part. It's so hard with a clingy 13-month old who has gotten clingier since we found out and sleeping worse than ever!! My steady diet of chicken noodle soup and mayonnaise sandwiches probably isn't helping the situation. I'm so ready to get it over with and hope I get more excited as the months go on.
I'll be 7 weeks on Tuesday. I think today might be the day. The queezies are soooo intense. If I just hung my head in the potty, I know I'd hurl. I can't even look at some food (lasagna) without wanting to puke!
1st pregnancy my boobs hurt so badly just hugging someone. This time around, there's been no real pain. Occasional nipple sensitivity, but I think DD has been teething her molars. I've concluded they aren't sore or getting bigger due to nursing...
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