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Good Job, Mamma! And the babe is precious!!
I just don't know! At night, I keep her in a long sleeve shirt and a flannel swaddle (we keep the a/c on about 73). I thought that she would tell me if she was hot, but I read today she'd only fuss over being cold....it is still spreading...those poor little eyelids...
That does make sense, oh how I wish I had a ring sling! What I have is more of the non-adjustable sash kind. But, I think I get what you are saying....kinda sit her up in there?? I'd go try right now, but *gasp* she's actually asleep and it's only 10:15 pm!!
Thank you, MCatLvrMoMof2!!
DOH!! I guess that the link worked b/c I'm on my computer and signed into the site. The rash/acne is spreading!! Oh well....... Thanks for letting me know tschifo!!
My one-month old loves her pouch...when she's asleep or drifting off....but when she's awake and curious (most of the day) she dislikes being in the cradle position. I can't really carry her in my mei tei yet because a) she doesn't have good head control and b) she roots and bobs frantically and gets upset when I try to put her in it (even if we've just fed and fed) Can't blame her for trying!! So, I'd like to be able to sling her during her waking hours to feed that...
A "pre-owned" Bjorn, which has never or will never, be used by our family! Loving my mammasmilk pouch! Waiting anxiously to use my Babyhawk mei tei...DD goes crazy in it right now rooting furiously and frantically, even if (I think she is anyway) full as a tick!
It's a keeper! My Babyhawk was a bit pricey, but I'm sure it will be worth it!
Thank you ladies for your input! Looks like lots of good reading on the Mayan massage. I feel like Queen Kegel!
Not so sure about this and DD and I are all by our lonesome for a bit. She'll be one-month tomorrow. Thought for sure this was baby acne, but now it is spreading to her eyelids, under her eyes, earlobes and her head. Don't think it is itchy to her, but she does pull on her face occasionally but I assume that's just fussy behavior. Any input helpful, will be a few days before I can get anyone else to see it!...
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