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hey thanks for the input! we don't actually have a cooler but i've spotted the bags for like $2. and the oven light trick won't work with my curious kiddo.
will it keep the temp high enough? by cooler bag i mean one of those bags at the grocery that supposedly keep your frozen goodies frozen for a bit.
Wow. Woollybugs.com has such amazing customer service! My product inquiries were answered in a timely matter, their prices and selection are just fabulous, and I even received my order in about 2-hours with the Free Austin Delivery service. My jaw dropped when I received my package so quickly! I know that even if I would've been outside the local delivery area, my order would have been received as soon as possible. They are really on the ball over there at Woollybugs. I am...
I just made a super yummy lemon basil dressing...let's see...lemon basil, garlic, lemon juice, grape seed oil, splash of red wine vinegar, splash of ponzu, drop of honey, 4 grains of salt, a couple of walnuts and romano cheese. Of course, you could leave out the cheese. Whirled it up in my little blender and oh my goodness--it sure was good. I also put it on a pizza. It had a perfumey quality to it, but still yummy.
I am so tired, my face feels droopy! I don't know if this kid is teething or not, she won't let me look into her mouth. She doesn't drool or chew on things. What she has done for the last 3-4 nights is wake up around 2 or so and not go back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Long story short, she usually wakes up 5-6x's a night to nurse and go back to sleep. The nursing now is not helping her to go back to sleep, rather she starts to kick a leg repeatedly, roll like a little...
Mmmmm, I had some last night. jenmary's spiced onion recipe is next!
Thanks for the recipe! I've seen it floating around and I was wondering if the lentils cook up and retain their shape or get mushed out. And I'm assuming the ginger is fresh?
or, any sort of dal (dhal?) (daal?) (dhal?) (daar?) i've recently made a batch and it was lacking. can't put my finger on what the problem was though. does anyone have a tried and true yummy dal recipe they'd like to share? :
Thank you so much. I am passing on that website. Some ice seemed to help as well. Definitely trying to deter the use of formula.
Hi ladies, looking for some advice ASAP for my SIL who lives 8-hours away. She is having some b-fing challenges and doesn't have anyone there to help that is really pro BF. Can anyone offer some tips for sore nipples? It's causing her to not want to nurse as much as she needs to. She says it hurts so badly that she dreads it and has introduced one bottle of formula per 24-hours. She's using Lansinoh, Vit E and breast shields. Any additional advice?? We've talked...
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