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I have forgotten to add detergent and didn't figure it out 'till I was hanging them up on the line and took another clean sniff test.
I love ours! I just let our grass get too long and it gets tangled in the blades and I have to go in reverse like I'm vacuuming to get it unstuck. I used to carry DD in the ergo and she'd go right to sleep.
I didn't like the tabs on them, but for us they worked about like any other disposable.
We're at this stage at 10 months. I swished and dunked about 3 diapers. After that, I just started tossing them in the pail and washing twice--short wash on cold, long wash on hot. I have the occasional stain (that hasn't yet come out totally in the sun??) and a rogue compacted bean skin or two left in the washer, but I'll take that over trying to dunk in a low flush toilet.
Geez, I have a super wiggle worm. Our stash is 99% prefolds and snappi's and it has become a real challenge to diaper DD. Does anyone have any super secret hints for this? Distraction, special songs, neato object...not working. She's so fast!! I'll have to try the leg thing.
Two days ago my mother was administering the DHLPP vaccine to her two dogs and accidentally stabbed her finger with the needle while trying to break it or push it back into the syringe, not sure on that part. A couple of hours later, she started becoming sick and running a fever over 101 degrees. Her throat is sore, she has bloody mucous draining from her nose, thick mucous from her eyes and an abnormal (for her) amount of vaginal discharge in addition to some aches...
Quote: Originally Posted by Treasuremapper Ok, here is an odd thought: what about when my supercrunchy friends come over and see me with a Clorox ready mop or a Swiffer wet jet. Won't they think I'm using caustic chemicals, whereas if they see a "gaiam" they would think I am supercool and environmentally sensitive? You could decoupage over the Swiffer branding and your friends will still think you are supercool. The Gaiam was quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by boysrus we have that problem also. It has been the main reason I have been hesitant about doing a CSA Evert-Fresh bags have been the biggest help here. For most things, they really do work and they are reusable. You can probably find them at your local HFS to save on shipping and make them more budget friendly.
I have special rags for the counters and sink that are tossed in a basket after one use and then washed together as a group. We also have one of those sponges with the attached soap handle for dishes, and I think they are pretty gross. We usually use a dishwasher, but it drives me bonkers to see DH cleaning the sink up with it. I try not to worry about it or wash DD's stuff with it. Or really use it at all!
I purchased one at a consignment shop for $2 and it's worked just as well as anything else I have. Not that I have alot to compare them to!
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