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I'm on a Macbook Pro on Mountain Lion, and when I use Chrome it crashes everytime. The page just freezes up and won't respond. Seems to be working a little better on Firefox, but I usually use Chrome. What gives?
Perfect, thanks again!
Thank you, Gryphonn! So, what of this yellow paper? Is it convention, but not actually requirement?
OK, that's a start. Thanks! May also hit the health dept on Monday and see what they say.
It's required when returning to the US from Haiti. Hope that helps.
I'm planning a 4-day trip to Haiti in about 6 weeks. My brother has been several times (going this time as well) and says that there is a yellow slip of paper that needs to be presented to Customs (I'm assuming that is on the way back into the U.S.) to prove that you've had the required vaccines. Problem is, I can't tell what is actually required.   According to this page - http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/haiti.htm "Before visiting Haiti, you may need to get...
Well they did their research, talked to the ped, and ultimately decided to hire me! I didn't try to talk them into it or even send them anything. They don't feel that DD poses a significant risk, but that their DS is at risk for RSV and other infections while at daycare. So it's a go! Thanks again for the input.
Exactly! LOL
thanks for the input. i just want to mention that i did ask permission to send them info and wife was ok with it. does anyone have access to the mothering article? i sent an email to mothering to help me out, but no response yet.
interviewing to work for a dr (D.O.)/nurse couple. they are ver naturally minded, bfing, cding, etc. but they asked about dd's vax status (has none at 10 mos and don't intend to have any). sounds like a deal breaker. i want to send them some info on the actual risks nonvaxed kids pose, but can't find the 09 mothering article. so far i just have this one: http://secretsofnaturalhealing.blogspot.com/2009/12/forced-vaccinations-and-myth-behind.html   their ds is 3 mo...
New Posts  All Forums: