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Glad you're feeling better. I've been listening to my Hypnobabies Fear Release script when I start to get anxious, fearful or controlling. I *think* I could send you the MP3 if you want it.
Quote: Originally Posted by BeeBliss I'm doing *Everything* (but caster oil, that stuff scares me) I just have late babes I guess! I'm thinking I will cancel the c/s the day before tho if my nsts are good and I am dilated. Way to go! Hang in there. I feel so bad being so impatient around 'social issues' as MW called it. This was the last situation I wanted to set up, but she and I do agree that baby is looking ready, and that we're not...
Quote: Originally Posted by aramat Does she do Webster's? Just wondering in case the prodromal is related to baby trying to get into position. Yes, she does do Webster's. I went today and again told her I'm having tons of prelabor. Her only comment was 'oh good, that means it will be quick'.*Shrug*
Quote: Originally Posted by BeeBliss Still here too. Freaking out b/c OB scheduled Csection on 23rd (41w 6d) because I'm VBAC, polyhydraminos, and "advanced maternal age". Cheering on cervix to ripen up ASAP! Ouch! I guess I should be thankful that bad timing is my only threat at this point. I assume you're doing all the EPO, sex, nipple stim, walking, acupressure, etc, etc...
Still here!! Tons of prodromal labor, pubic symphysis pain today worse than I've had before. Talked to my MW about acupuncture, but she had been up all night and facing another birth last night, so she told me not to do that just yet. She said she could 'talk to my cervix' (basically involves some massage/pressure points on it) if we need to get labor started. Appt is tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed!
Quote: Originally Posted by aramat Has anyone here tried a chiro for prodromal labor? I haven't asked her specifically about resolving the prodromal labor for me, but I've been going for adjustments every 1-2 weeks and always mention that I have lots of contractions. She's never said anything about being able to help them. But maybe if I kept better track, I might see a pattern of them subsiding after adjustments and getting worse before I go...
Quote: Originally Posted by lillysweets Sometimes that premature urge to push means the baby is in a posterior position and the back of their head is putting pressure on the bowel nerves of your sacrum. I would recommend pelvic tilts on hands and knees. Oh, that does make sense. I have the same feelings and could swear that when the baby does come, it is just going to fall right out of me! But posterior babies aren't usually like that, are they?...
Sounds wonderful! Congratulations.
Sweet baby! Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon!
I am in the same position! In fact, I left the acupunturist a message yesterday already to see if I could get in with her tomorrow. I've been doing Blue Cohosh all day today. My urgency is about family being in town, rather than birthing constraints...which sounds really stupid when I type it out! But I feel so bad that they've spent all this time and money to come help me with a new baby that's still on the inside!
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