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I am a terrible gift-giver. I have no idea what to do for V-Day, as usual. DH asked for The Flat Belly Diet book, but after reading some reviews on Amazon, I just don't think that's the way to go. We read The Maker's Diet together a few years ago, but didn't go with it 100%. He was really inspired by Jordan Rubin's battle and recovery from Crohn's. DH thought at one point he might have it (seems it's actually bad hemorrhoids), so that made him pay attention. But his...
Thanks so much for sharing! It's great to hear how Hypnobabies helped you, as I'm practicing it as well.
Well done! Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon!
Mine has been mostly ROA, and my MW gave me an article about how they are more likely to swing posterior. I've been doing hands & knees/pelvic tilts, polar bear. Trying not to stress about it.
Good luck! Can't wait to hear your storyl. I've been having contractions come and go for several days as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by doulawoman ...certain ones like deepening make me twitch! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I cannot STAND the deepening script, especially at bedtime. I purposely fall asleep while listening to them, but I feel like Deepening just makes me toss and turn! What is with that? It's so irritating that I usually don't do it when I'm 'supposed' to. I've put it on while I'm cleaning up or doing other things though.
I'm doing it for this birth. I haven't practiced it to a T, but definitely listening to at least one script each night for these last few weeks. DD's birth I used Hypnobirthing, which was a 6-session private class with basically just one script to listen to each night. I'd say her birth was pretty close to pain-free.
Ugh. I've been having a lot of dinnertime/nighttime BH for a couple weeks, and tonight they're feeling stronger. But not obviously organized or progressing yet. Blech. I was really hoping this was it. Guess I should get to bed.
I have only used it for dentistry, but totally loved it! I actually ENJOYED going to the dentist when I got the gas. I had a wonderful, completely med-free birth with DD and plan to do so again very shortly, but if I needed some relief, I would absolutely go for the nitrous (which isn't offered here) waaaaaaaaay before trying anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by berrymama I did a photo shoot with my DS this morning. Picture a pregnant lady and naked toddler setting the timer on the camera and then running across the living room to get into position...I am sure it would have been very entertaining to watch 39.5...
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