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Is this your 3rd baby? This morning my MW told me that 3rd timers often come with a bout of 'false' labor. Never heard that before--interesting! ETA: And come to think of it, my friend who just had her 3rd a few months ago went through a round of practice labor with her doula and 2 or 3 midwives, birth tub, the whole deal all at her house and ready to go...then labor just petered out. So you're not alone! Baby will come eventually. Hang in there!
Try to ease into it slowly! Congratulations.
Quote: Originally Posted by ursusarctos Interestingly, in another book about Finnish folk traditions that I was thumbing through, it said that only children drank straight cow milk - adults would always drink it sour. So I bet you that if the cow was giving even a little milk it would go to the little ones and the grown ups would drink the soured gruel. Interesting! Could it have anything to do with the fact that babies' bodies make more lactase...
I don't know, but it sounds a lot to me like the milk substitutes that babies who couldn't breastfeed would get. Although it wasn't too healthy for them! But maybe the books I read weren't really up on the whole culturing/fermenting thing.
Hey, I have a question: My nails have seemed much more brittle than normal lately. They are usually pretty strong, and will all grow out long and beautiful until they get too long and start breaking (then I trim them all to match and start over). But the past month or so I've noticed that they are chipping and breaking right away, while still very short. Does this mean anything as far as nutrient intake/absorption? Don't you normally have better nails during pregnancy? I...
Totally crazy. Many women have placenta previa (covering the cervix--ie, below the baby) early in their pregnancies with no ill effects. Pulsing/circulation is what's happening. Same thing at the end of the pregnancy, through to the point where it STOPS pulsing! Duh!!
Quote: Originally Posted by JustSimplicity The baby's room is FINISHED! Here are some pics of the room and also some of the knitting/sewing projects I have been working on: Floor bed Artwork Cross-stitch and Carriers Sleep sack Diaper cover Hat and Socks Waaaaaay too snazzy/adorable!!! I haven't made anything yet, but I am pretty proud of my ability to collect stuff for free/cheap, LOL! Not sure if anything is pic-worthy, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Keeta I posted this link in another thread, but I can't help myself - here is some of our maternity shoot from Saturday, I'm 36.5 weeks. gorgeous! i hope mine come out even close to that nice. my shoot is on tues & i have no clue what to bring/wear!!
Congratulations on the HBAC and the beautiful new baby!! to Dr. Dyson!
Thanks so much for posting! I agree with other PPs, that it is a matter of misleading info that is making women doubt themselves. Also to a degree we have to remember how much intervention is really taking place, even in a 'normal', unmedicated vaginal birth. There is a lot of interference into the physiology of what would be a truly natural birth. All the hospital procedures and protocols, AROM, EFM, lithotomy position, externally-directed pushing--in addition to the...
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