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I always use epsom salts when bathing her, but that might only be a few times a week. I did just run out right before our move, and only gave her the first epsom salt bath again last night.
DH and I DTD on Halloween. I haven't been charting or anything, but it's within the range of possibility that I would be fertile. We aren't TTC but he doesn't like my shiny new diaphragm. Anyway, I woke up feeling especially hungry this morning. Is this possible or just my imagination? When would be the soonest that it would make sense to POAS?
I recently started drinking Natural Calm before bed and am loving it! I was really getting constipated the last few weeks, with dry weather, stress of moving, not eating so great, etc. DD has major constipation issues and I have run the gamut of remedies to help her. Diet of course is a big factor which I am slacking on due to the move. But the stress also causes her to withhold big time. So I would love to make things easier on her with some Natural Calm, but I just can't...
Anyone else?
Haven't read all the replies so I don't know if this has been mentioned, but there is an mdc mama who has done a lot of research and has a blog on this topic: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=941070
Ditto the Scenera advice and just wanted to add that you can buy these little strappies things that will attach the seat to your rolling luggage, thereby converting it to a "stroller" of sorts. Can't remember the name though. It was something like "travelling tots" and about $10.
Well, I realized with this thread that this started when we dropped the nap. She's gone down for a nap the past 2 days and nighttime has gone a lot smoother. Although DH and I get a lot less time together at the end of the day, at least it isn't time that is punctuated by a million dashes into the bedroom. But today she is not cooperating with naptime, and I think it's because she hasn't pooped for 2 days. This is a recurrent problem with her, so I'm sure it is part of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Freefromitall Is this a new semi-recent thing, or has it been like this since forever? If it's new, it's possible it's a growth spurt. The waking every hour from 6-midnight is new, since she has started skipping naps. But she has always been a frequent night-nurser. She's completely potty-learned and hasn't wet the bed since probably around 1 yo. Oftentimes she will wait an hour or more in the morning before...
OP, have you checked out the Case Against Circumcision forum?
I don't like the word pain either. I agree with "intense", "uncomfortable/discomfort", "hard/hard work", and even "hurts", but pain just doesn't fit with my experience. I voted less painful than I expected because I didn't feel pain. But I didn't really expect to, either. I was prepared for and believed in the possibility of a pain-free birth. ETA: Afterpains and sore nipples...that's another story!
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