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Hi there, all you other one year old mamas! Glad to have some company in the insane world of a young toddler.
If your friend is looking for a midwife locally, you can't do better than Tammi Mckinley. She is wonderful, and I was so pleased with my birth with her. Here is her link- http://novamidwife.org/
Just discovered this! Hello, other MJ mamas!
We are huge fans of Hylands' teething tablets, and the cold rings that you pop in the fridge.
I liked both on FB!
I would love to win!
Liked and liked! Oh please let me win! This would make such a great Christmas gift.
Not super close, but we used Tammi Mckinley in Arlington and love her dearly.
Pine Grove Pediatrics 8650 Sudley Road Suite 306 Manassas Va 20110 1-(703)-393-9494 http://manassas.patch.com/listings/pine-grove-pediatrics They are no-vax/alternative vax friendly, and beautiful people. We are adoring clients.
DS is 7 weeks now, and demands to nurse constantly. If he is awake, he wants to be eating. He tends to only sleep for 10-15 minute increments throughout the day, with one 3-4 hour stretch at night, after which he wants to stay latched on for the rest of the night. He had some trouble regaining his birth weight, but made it back up at 5 weeks. He receives one 4 oz bottle in the evening from his dad, and other than that, it's all boobie, all the time. I have other kids,...
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