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yeah i'll try that will feel weird putting garlic up there but it's worth a try , how long do you leave it in?
yeah i'm going to hun , if i can avoid a hospital birth i would like to
I'm going to speak to the mw about getting re-tested and i'll try the garlic suppository's if i can find where to get them , i'm hoping i won't end up needing antibiotics but i'll ask about getting them at home just incase
garlic suppositries ? where would i get these? do they work ? i'm going to ask the mw about being retested nearer 37 weeks to see if it has changed any
I was planning my 5th homebirth 2nd home water birth but have just found out i have gbs and will need iv antibiotics during labour so gutted but just want what is best for baby anyone had any experience with this i've been told it only take 15-20 minutes for antibiotics to go in and i have to have it every 4 hours but what about in-between would i be ok to walk about , i really don't like the idea of being confined to a bed unless i myself want to which i doubt i will,...
I'm planning a home water birth with a mw if she makes it on time that is as am not planning on phoning till i'm actually in the pool at least
This is something i'm still undecided on i've done a lot of reading up on it but say how i'll feel when i actually go into about, luckily for me here in the UK mw's are provided on the nhs as are home births so i'll book my home birth with my mw just like i have with all my other babies and see how i feel when i go into labour if i decide uc i'm going to phone last minute (or rather get my birth partner to phone) when i get the urge to push so that the mw will arrive not...
I've fed all my lo's when they had the heal prick test they had it done at around day 5-6 and the mw told me to make sure i kept there feet warm to make it easier to dot the blood onto the little card
looks like it was wrong lol
23+6 weeks
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