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welcome and congratulations i'm expecting a little boy 10th of May
i thought it was true because caitlin's was always between 14-150 and caden's was always between 130-140 but this one is a boy and is between 150-160
happy new year surely they'll have to let you go for your scan won't they hun the same way your employer would isn't it the law
i only have pics from caden and this one but here caden 18+4 weeks Xander 18+2 weeks 
yeah lots sometimes feel movements in 3 or 4 different areas of my bump , think he's either doing cartwheels or star jumps lol
not sure about with this one cos not seen my mw since 15+2 weeks and she didn't measure then but i remember looking in my notes after my appointments with both caitlin and caden and i was measuring 5 weeks ahead
no idea how much my little man weighs doesn't mention weight on my scan notes
lots of lovely bumps heres me taken just a few minutes ago at 21+5 weeks
i don't really know anything about what you are going through but i do believe if you really want it you can be in that 4%
sorry don't really know how to answer but didn't want to read and not reply here mw's are on the nhs and have many pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy some home birth but most hospital and it will be unlikely for me to have my mw for my birth as i didn't with my last 3
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