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Congratulations on your 4th little girl
When i went for my scan yesterday when we went in the lady said she would first check everything was ok with baby for 10 minutes and then turn the screen round and explain everything to us, as ono she started checking she told me she had found the heartbeat then after she had checked Xander over she explained everything to us that babies heart, brain and everything were fine and she then told us we were having a little boy
Alright hun thanks
Soz to sound dumb whats nsfw? lovely bump pics btw
Today at 19+6 weeks
never really noticed that before but now looking at it i see what you mean hun i think he's going to look lilac his daddy
Thanks yeah was really exciting to find out hun up until getting into the room to get the scan done i was thinking girl even though on a few occasions i slipped up and said he lol but as soon as the woman started scanning i thought i bet she says i'm having a boy
Yeah babies dad is excited hun i have 2 boys and 2 girls
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........................................................... Boy All was ok heartbeat good and he was waving, kicking and sucking his thumb don't think he was too impressed with the scan though he's been kicking pretty much none stop since lol
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