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We fit ours in a Hyundai Accent for a while, but the passenger seat had to be pushed up really close to the dashboard. My husband always worried about the airbag injuring me if we were in a wreck.
Thank you all for your replies; everything is much more clear to me now. I was, in fact, referring to convertible boosters with a 5-point harness. I did not consider that "booster" means actually using the seatbelt to hold in the kiddo. It is looking like we will put him in a new Nautilus or Safeguard in the harness and let the little one have his convertible, when the time comes.
I'm a bit confused... I always thought that boosters should not be used until a child is 3-4. However, I have been checking out the Nautilus and Safeguard, and they say kiddos can go in at 30 or 22 lbs, respectively. My 30 lb 14 month old is in a Triumph that will hold him up to 50 lbs, which is where I have intend to keep him as long as possible. But now we are expecting a new baby when he will be 22 months old, so is it safe to put him in a harness booster at that...
ugh. that really sucks. no advice here; but i wanted to commiserate.
i'd let it go and make sure not to expect much from that niece until she got a bit older
I would be fine with it, and I would intentionally begin to separate my cans for them.
I haven't heard of any gas shortages or issues in that part of the country. I cannot think of any financial problems with your plans, unless, of course, you are planning to run up personal debt to travel.
I found some solid color long sleeve tshirts at Target 2 days ago for $5/ea.
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Check out Dr. Asa Andrew's book, "Empowering Your Health." He discusses several of the no-nos for anti inflammatory diets. Good luck!
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