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I have a faint memory of my dad pouring out used motor oil :
Quote: Originally Posted by siobhang Dh also added - no eating or licking: * anyone else who doesn't want to be licked. What fun is that? Killjoy.
We got rid of ours over health concerns. For reheating refridgerated and frozen meals, we use the broiler in our oven (it's on top, not in a drawer on the bottom). We just put the food in, turn it on for several minutes, then turn it off and leave the food in there without opening the door for a few more minutes to allow it to continue reheating. It takes a bit more preparation beforehand, but no regrets!
Bummis super brites, thirsties, imse vimse cotton
practice, practice, practice, and a long serrated knife
I also just run hot tap water. Yeast used to intimidate me; I thought everything had to be perfect. I have since learned that things can be off a bit and still work out for you.
We have really been considering moving our mattress to the floor and putting the crib mattress (crib is currently side carred and used about 10% of the night) next to it. Our bed is up high and we don't want ds (12mos) waking from naps and crawling off.
I have one son, so I fit in by default! DH and I originally wanted our first born to be a girl, but we're now all for Team Blue and would take boys for the next 5 kids (assuming we ever have that many) hands down! I love raising my little boy!
Wow, this sounds strikingly similar to my mom's antics. She is not as bad now the she and my father remarried after 7 yrs of being divorced. Your mother is an excellent guilt-tripper and manipulator. If she is like my mom, she pulls this crap just so someone will come out and say "No no no, we WANT you to stay. We LOVE you." She is acting out like a child. I second Ruthla in limiting visits to a couple of hours.
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