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Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce I'd expect to pay in full again, but might ask if it could be worked out on a payment-plan kind of deal. And would never, ever send cash again. This exactly. I'm sorry for your financial loss.
thanks for the psa
At 12 mos, I'm still getting by with just tossing everything into the pail, but DS probably eats less than 1/2 c. of solids a day. My plan for the future (we'll see how this goes) will be to designate a spatula to scrape poop into the toilet or maybe the disposable liners.
Quote: Originally Posted by Past_VNE I was at a different grocery store just a bit ago. As I was buying the seltzer water (ingredients: carbonated water) I looked at the club soda. That brand (Canfield's) had a bunch of ingredients in the club soda. But the brand that I had in the cabinet at home just said: water, carbonation. So, it's definitely buyer beware. Read labels!! That's weird. I have always thought club soda was waaaay...
I don't really understand. Can you offer an example?
Thank you all for the encouragent! It sounds like I have so much more to look forward to
My dear, sweet, precious baby boy has begun to walk. What happened to my baby? So I'm joining you "toddler" people with much reluctance. :::
just wanted to say i'm sorry for your baby girl
a little bit!
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