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Meh. We avoid the sports stuff. AND the Elmo stuff
As for tonight... grocery store! And making manicotti.
I got a 0, and my eyes hurt now.
I voted long. You're hot!
Meh. Doesn't seem too strange to me. Maybe they don't have family in the area?
great cut!
Quote: Originally Posted by GoBecGo My (now late) mother could be like this. I found that brutal honesty in front of other people was what shut her up. i.e. next time she makes one of her little jokes when there are others around you say loudly and in a hurt voice: Mom, you keep mentioning the money you gave us, and you know i feel like crap that i had to borrow it in the first place. I don't know what you want from me, if i could pay it back i...
Quote: Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya thats not a friend - you can do better. s Mama. I agree with this
I would think her DH would know what town they were living in when the portrait was done. You could also have him email you a digital picture of the portrait to see how it comes out.
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