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Sounds yummy!
I just started using cloth last month, so I don't have a ton of advice, but I want to encourage you! It's great! I bought 2 heavy, 2 med, and 2 light pads and can already tell I will need a few more. Mine are VajPads, but she is not currently taking new orders. Have fun shopping!
We will be sending back our Miro rattle.
Quote: Originally Posted by grniys I am rolling here laughing so hard! OMG! I can't stop laughing. Did everyone turn to look at him? I think I would have slid under a pew. Hilarity. Kids say the darndest things, huh? Heehee
Thank you for posting this.
Quote: Originally Posted by dogmom327 Mine is more minor but I scored a good deal on organic butter: $2.50 lb. A fantastic price around here. I bought 14 lbs. a put it in the freezer. I didn't know you could freeze butter - cool!
we used 36 PFs and 6 pocket diapers at that age. i could usually get by w/washing every 3rd day.
DS had this all over his body for a little while after he was born. It cleared up on its own.
Quote: Originally Posted by annie_noah I can't remember the last time that DH and I had any "alone time" in our bed, but that doesn't mean that we don't have alone time. It is just somewhere else in the house! Amen! We sneak off after ds falls asleep or during naptime. Also, and I know this is easier said than done, I would try getting your older DD to accept your DH at night rather than you, since your youngest is still nursing. The baby's...
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