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Bah. DS (12 mos) is waking up very frequently in the past few weeks. At least he goes back to sleep quickly.
Fleece on top to pull moisture away quickly & wings that snap. Happy shopping!
I like the gardening tools idea.
A full fridge gives me the warm-and-fuzzies, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2cutiekitties memphis??? My mom lives there and that is what she says is going on there! No, it must be in Anytown, Texas (except for Austin, bless your hearts). My inlaws were informing me of Obama's radical Muslim tendencies just this past week.
Ew. Not a McDonald's fan - we prefer to eat Whataburger, but feel totally gross afterwards. This happens about 6x a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by FondestBianca the linoleum is 11x11 indivual, self adhesive tiles from what I can tell. they may not be self adhesive but are all seperate tiles. judgeing by the fact that even though they are old yet none of them have lifted at all, even at the corners, they must be stuck pretty well. Whoops, that was the type of flooring I was going to suggest in lieu of the fake wood stuff.
8 is too young. I'd hang out and talk to the parents when they return.
Ugh - freecycle no-shows are one of my biggest annoyances. Either 1) take the whole box to Goodwill or 2) repost one final time and put at the top of your email "Do NOT reply unless you can pick up this afternoon. Must take ALL." That tends to help around here. Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: