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Mine nurse 4x a day but i stopped "offering" a while ago.
I have a friend who is pregnant with triplets and I know there was someone on here who carried them to 36 weeks and they were all or close to 5 lbs each? Anyway...I don't get on here often but I wanted to see if I could somehow get her email address if anyone knows who I'm talking about, my friend Kyra would like some info on bfing the trips. Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by i'mmykid'$mom How can you say you decided to "delay and selectively vax" and not know which vaxes and why you want to use them? I can say that because we decided to wait until he was older therefore the "delay" comment. "Selectively" meaning we will select certain vaxes we choose. Obviously I am still researching the issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pen Something in your wording…”can’t decide when and which ones to do” It’s like you are at a restaurant and need to choose something to eat but don’t know which entrée. We decided to delay until we had more info and then decided that none of the vaxes were worth it. You can delay and you can select certain ones but you don’t have to choose any if you don’t want. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat. If you are hungry but...
I've been reading Cave's book and we had decided to delay and selectively vaccinate but I can't decide when and which ones to do. If you delayed and selectively vaccinated which did you do? I'm not willing to do the HepB vax or the CP...I think those are pretty ridiculous. I was thinking Polio and the MMR but I'm still not sure. Any thoughts either way? Thanks.
Okay my ds has had no vaxes thus far. We may selectively vaccinate sometime soon though. We just got a call from a preschool that there is a spot available. I thought that if it was a private place that they could refuse you? But there are no public preschools that I'm aware of around me everything is at a church or what have you. I'm just scared that I get there and they see my exemption and they say oh no we can't take him ...or whatever. Can someone lead me in the...
This would be for preschool. I just wasn't sure if they could exclude him since it wouldn't be a "public" school? It would be at a church. I thought they had a right to refuse. No???
You are my hero! That is awesome!!
It's funny how people assume they should look alike. I get the "are they twins?" question all the time! My ds Brody was 2 lbs heavier than Lawson. One has red hair which is just like my ds' hair who is now a blondie and the other one has dark hair and is much darker skin toned. The only one who looks like that in my fam is my dad! When he was born, I was thinking...where did this kid come from?? You can see pics at our website www.thetunellfamily.com I'm so glad someone...
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