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I dyed some silks about 7 or 8 years ago for my DD, and now I'm trying to make another batch for my niece.  When I did my DD's set, I recall using only the microwave to dye them (and it was super easy).  I've found a stove-top method, but it seems more time consuming.  I'm wondering if anybody knows how to dye play silks with kool aid using only the microwave...  Thanks!
I think that learning in a classroom is much different from learning at home.  In a school, the teacher has to make a curriculum (likely determined by somebody else) relevant and interesting to the kids.  At home, it's easier to run with the interests of a child (or two or three or four).   I think it's hard to compare the two.  I do think that the adults in both cases are critical.  Although my dd learns based on her interests, I need to make sure that she has access to...
It sounds like the assistantship would be a better move for the long term.  I think I would take it if I were in your position.
I think it's okay.  Here's a source I found when I was wondering the same thing: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/7301/title/Reevaluating_Eggs_Cholesterol_Risks
I don't know... It sounds like it might be easier, in some ways.  When you live 1500 miles away, any visits have to be several days long (I assume).  If you're 30 minutes away, you can get together for a meal or something once in a while and then get on with your lives. It's easy enough to turn down the invitations to the events that aren't your speed.  In a lot of ways, I think it would be easier to avoid the issues that you mentioned.   I think it depends on how...
Thanks for posting this!  My 8 year old has almost finished the Warriors series, and she's going to need something new very, very soon.  These sound like they might be great for her!
Definitely a deferrer...and that's why I'm posting here instead of getting anything useful accomplished.
I really like the bin idea...  Even if we had three bins out at a time, it would significantly cut down on the amount of crap that might end up lying on the floor.  Now I just need to clear out closet space so I can put all of the toy bins in there :)
Thanks!  This is all really helpful :) 
How many do you have out at once?  Do you have certain toys that are out all the time?  How often do you rotate?   I think that rotating toys might be really helpful around here, but I'm not sure where to start...
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