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Thanks, craft_media_hero! You've given me a great place to start My daughter will be very appreciative!
Thanks, lach! That's a great idea. We tend towards unschooling, so I haven't ever been to the Well Trained Mind forum board. I'll go find it now
My DD has decided that she would like to learn Greek... She took a class in which they learned the alphabet and a couple of words, but she's looking for more. Has anybody used a Greek curriculum? How did your child like it? DD is eight years old, though something aimed at kids a couple of years older would likely be okay for her.
I know this is an old thread, but is anybody still doing SBD? Today was day 1 for me.
I don't know if your DS has a Nintendo DS, but my daughter LOVES this game: http://www.amazon.com/Personal-Train.../dp/B001LNYM90 I don't know why, really, but she spends a lot of time on it (practicing those math facts).
Just signed up--thanks! This is something that I might actually be able to accomplish
I love our roomba. It will go around most clutter, though you do need to pick up anything that could get stuck (last night ours tried to pick up a bead necklace, and that stopped it). We used to have a scooba, but it broke. I think we'll be getting another one at some point--it worked well for us when we used it.
We have Eat Healthy, Feel Great. It talks about green light, yellow light, and red light foods, and then it goes on to talk about the different nutrients that your body needs. It finishes by talking about the importance of eating a rainbow of foods. I think it's a pretty good book. I hope that helps!
Ours has no limit on books (thank goodness!).
then I'm great at this! I'm going so slowly that I've completely stopped and even started to move backwards. Ugh. Any tips for keeping up the motivation? I always start strong when I attempt weight loss/fitness goals, but then I lose my patience/motivation/energy and end up worse off than I started.
New Posts  All Forums: