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These are wonderful ideas! granolamom, can you tell us a little more? How old were your children when you began the tradition of making XMas presents during those six months? How do you keep the gift a secret until the holiday? Do you all sit down together to think of gift ideas, or does somebody announce that it's time to start thinking about gifts? thanks!
That's really sad. Thinking about this study in combination with the recent study about toddler nutrition makes me think that we as a nation are going to see very serious health problems in our children in the near future (even worse than those we see already). DD (15 months) watches no tv. That trend will continue as long as possible.
What a great thread idea! DH and I have been talking about how to make our holiday celebrations more meaningful (and focused on family more than gifts). We typically go to my family's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and then we go to his family's house for Christmas day/dinner. We always try to make Christmas eve fairly relaxing. We have the same dinner every year (served on the floor in front of the fire), and we typically play games and chat (although...
Goefizz, He's really hoping that there'll be lots of people like you who try to recall info they learned in psych courses when they have their own babies I'm impressed that you still have a textbook around--I sold all of mine at the end of every semester when I was an undergrad!
DH has always been really supportive of my breastfeeding DD. He's also become quite the advocate himself... He teaches college level introductory psychology to about 800 students a semester, and as part of the course he talks about the research on attachment (in the context of the nature/nurture debate). He typically lectures about how the research suggests that CIO is a bad idea, and this year he added some information on the benefits of breastfeeding for forming a...
DD has always been an early bird. She's now almost 15 months old, and she's typically awake and ready to go between 5 and 5:30 every morning. If her body clock doesn't change with the upcoming time change, that means she'll be getting up between 4 and 4:30. I don't think I can handle that for too long. Does anybody have any ideas on how to gently adjust her body clock for the time change? Thanks!!!
You might want to check out altgifts.org.... They have a lot of options (so you can try to find something that would be something your relatives would support), and they send gift cards to your recipients. hope this helps--
Thanks for your quick help, Jane! I'll pick up a coffee grinder today. Is there any way to tell when the seeds aren't fresh any more? I've had some sitting in my cabinet for a couple of weeks now....
I've been reading the Sears Family Nutrition book, and I'm convinced that flax would be a good thing to add to my family's diet. The seeds seem to be a lot more affordable than the oil. Does anybody know why flax seeds need to be ground? If we eat them whole, are they digested? They're just so small, it seems as though they could just be sprinkled on things as they are (without grounding). Thanks! Lisa
Wow... I thought that the girl scouts prided themselves on their inclusiveness and the importance of diversity (unlike the boy scouts). I don't know anything about how the law might apply, but maybe you could talk to them about her Pervasive Developmental Disorder within the framework of diversity?? Perhaps you could offer to talk to the other girls (and/or have your daughter talk, depending on her ability) about Pervasive Developmental Disorder (and what it does and...
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