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http://www.boreme.com/posting.php?id=33863#.UwcI6mKSzag   A few decades old, but I thought this was rather interesting.   Includes main stream medicine using Redimindo 1895.
The poll is closed.  
I clicked on the link and the video was not available.   Here is a link to Hugh Young's video response which may also be of interest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M_xIRBdJ9I
A good way of looking at it is that a penis is a very delicate piece of equipment and its not designed to have pieces carved off it.  
Hair.   That would prevent dandruff, head-lice and ringworm.  
I don't understand how it can be appropriate for a judge to stop the ballot.   If there had been a valid reason to do so, it would have needed to be done a long time ago.   Having come this far, it would have been better to allow its course.   Methinks the judge caved under pressure and the decision is inappropriate  = unfair = corrupt = stinks.  
He may be going through through the stage where the foreskin seperates.   In that case, the white discharge is smegma and what is happening is normal.   No doubt in the US, there have been many many cases where doctors are unfamiliar with the normal development of the penis and seeing the seperation phase has led to unnecessary circumcision.   Is there a sticky somewhere which describes the normal development of the penis?  
I would just like to add that the claims that circumcision reduces UTIs is *only * in babies under 12 months old. There is no study that supports this claim in older boys. Unfortunately, like in Chinese whispers, some people assume the claim applies to males of all ages. It doesn't, only to infants.   Without Wiswell, *no-one* would be thinking foreskin has anything to do with UTIs. In anycase, Wiswells studies were badly flawed and the claim is...
    Rolling the eyes can be a form of non-verbal abuse (signal of contempt).   According to his logic, the ritual third world circumciser who has circed tens of thousands, knows much more than what he does.  
  Sorry, this is nonsense.   One person's "gentle" is another person's "rough". I once read a circing doctor who referred to "gently" cutting the skin away.   Confusion is created by using the word gentle with retraction. No need for adults to do any retracting. You don't need to clean under an infant's foreskin.   I have an issue with retracting until there is resistance. Different people will have different views of when resistance is reached. Imagine pulling off a...
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