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I got married in a red and gold sari. It was stunning and I loved it.
I just picked up this book on sale and I would love to hear about what your favorite recipes are. Lots of stuff looks interesting but I would like to hear what worked for you (and what didn't!).
Do you think that the girl with orange hair (she came to the island with faraday) is the daughter of the dharma initiative guy? Remember last season she said something about searching for the place she came from for like 20 years? I wasn't thrilled with the season opener but I still have hope.
no do not break the law. i know this is really hard but it WILL end. it took my husband almost 3 years to get his greencard. he was here so it made it easier on our relationship but it still sucked waiting. think about it this way, if you end up getting caught and paying fines with money you don't have, that would be money that you found somehow someway. my suggestion would be to find the money somehow and travel very briefly to a different country. can you go someplace...
all the love in the world to you and Fern Calidris.
I actually have always loved Macs. But since I work in accounting I ran along with the idea that you just couldn't be Mac based. I just don't think that is true anymore. I own a company of Office for Mac. I would need to upgrade my Quickbooks for Mac but I get that discounted through a professional organization so that helps. Paige do you do webinars or phone consults? One of the things I am working on is bringing my work more virtual. I am also really intrigued by the...
So after 18,000 problems over the years, I am just DONE with using Windows. The viruses, the crashing, the terrible tech support, the $1,000s I have paid to "network technicians" I just can't. So I am considering taking my small office over to Macs. I use a Mac laptop at home (an old one, true). But I would love to hear experiences about going from a Windows based office to a Mac one. What would you recommend? What problems did you encounter? Any advice to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla It's an item. 1 Living? no 2 Is it smaller than a shoe box? yes 3 Is it magical? no 4 would it be found it hogwarts? yes 5 is it an item of clothing? no Is it used by students?
hi all. so i am back in AGAIN which is probably i think my fourth go? i need some help with the web site if you please. can you someone kindly show me where the weekly menus are? they used to have these premade menus for you which just showed you what to eat. i am at that stage. i really need to babysit myself in a huge way. i am about 45 lbs overweight. i have knee problems. i want to look great in whatever i put on, not just something black and baggy. so new...
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