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Mighty Mama and Kundalini Mama Sisters on Earth and in Heaven
Disney is Disney Tankgirl. So I am allll booked for my April trip and getting excited. : Originally I was staying at the Riverside but I decided to go whole hog and stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge!!!!! This is the ONE resort I have been kinda dying to stay at. I was able to get a standard room (after trolling the disney vacation site for a room to come up) so it wasn't actually that much more expensive then Riverside with the buy 4 get 3 nights free special. Now who has...
Hi Y'all did anyone else take advantage of the buy 4 get 3 free special? I just booked a trip for April 28th - May 5 and I am soooooooo excited. The only thing that is a little nerve wracking is I a am doing it ALONE with the kids, me and my two littles. Anyone else going to be there then? I am booked for Riverside, the French quarter wasn't available. Carribean Bean is available but I keep reading so-so things about. Any insights to either the Riverside or the CBR?...
Oooo Michelle, do you care to expound on your Vastu experiences? I am very interested in Vedic astrology also. I haven't really gone into Vastu at all, but I am getting ready to swap rooms in my house so this could be great timing. If you had to share 5 great things about Vastu what would they be?
I just checked mine and nothing has changed since my last statement. I hope it doesn't change this new billing cycle.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 If both were on the same night, which one would you watch? Although history has a tendency to repeat itself, it is never as good as the first time! I would watch the inauguration and DVR Lost!
geez i don't know what i am more excited about. the inauguration or the season premiere. :
My family was not stateside on Thanksgiving so we are celebrating today. I want to try this green bean casserole everyone raves about using Cream of Mushroom soup. The thing is the recipe says "mix soup" but the soup is condensed so am I supposed to make the soup first according to the directions or just add the condensed soup (unprepared) to the recipe. Please help I have a bunch of bean here that need some love.
Hiya Y'all I am feng shui clutter clearing and am selling a really hard to get book by Raymond Lo called Feng Shui Essentials. Lo is one of the imminient living practioners. I think I bought it from my teacher for around $75 but am letting it go for $30. I thought to give you guys first crack at it before I throw it up in TP.
Hi I am bumping this thread again because we didn't get very far with it and I really want some more vegetarian feed the freezer recipes. I got a great recipe from Vegetarian Times not too long ago for an INCREDIBLE carrot chick pea stew tangine. It is awesome and I have already successfully frozen it to great success.
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