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i just bumped a thread for you in meal planning that is dozens of pages long. it has some really great recipes in it (especially mine for twice baked potatos!) http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...096&highlight=http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...096&highlight=
bumping....it's that time again for me. headed into tax season and need some new inspiration
My mom used to make great stuffing with pork sausage....except my family doesn't eat pork and I need a good stuffing recipe. Any good ones out there?
well lots of people can say "i think this" and they can. but it doesn't mean it is true in the face of scientific research. and the science supports breastfeeding. in terms of an "unknown" melamine in formula was surely an unknown for the parents that fed their children it.
How old, how tall and how much did they weigh? I am considering it for my almost six year old.
there are a few other mamas on this board who lost their partners to suicide as well....i hope they see this thread. love to you and your little one.
It is totally a phase. I know it is extremely frustrating but it does get better. My DD was very specific about her clothes b/t 3-5. The seams had to be almost non existent. She never ever wore jeans. But she is 5.5 now and she loves jeans. One thing I have to say is that I really notice a difference if I spend a few dollars more at a better store for clothes. Bathing suits are a great example....I can get 1 at Target for $12 but if I spend $18 at another store the suit...
if you are into astrology read the article here http://margaretwendt.com/articles.php?id=212#thearticle it is written by MDC's own Tracy. it really puts thigns in perspective sometimes.
dd 18 months and ds 26 months
Hi Everyone, I am not pregnant, nor having more children, but I want you to KNOW down in the deepest part of your body, in tiniest place that a HBAT is totally possible. I am living testament to it and it was of the best moments of my life. It was tough work, I did a LOT to get to that place but it is very much a possibility. I wrote a beautiful article about it that unfortunately Mothering didn't publish, but I have it around if anyone would like to read it. Please...
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