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Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy Our newspaper just had a great list of 101 ways to save $. DH and I went through the list and checked off the ones we already do. It was fun inspiration. linky didn't work
Tracy I have had years when the TM has been wildly successful. And then other years nothing at all seems to happen.....why do you think this is?
I am so sorry for your little girl and your family. May you find a place of healing. You are doing such amazing things for her, I am so amazed that you are actually moving (I would do the same if I were in the same situation). It is such a wonderful act of tenderness.......ou go mama, you protect your cubs and take good care of you too. Peace to you and your babe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy yeah, I thought it was time I found a planet that matches my ass. by that do you mean round and full of love?
oh in my research i found this place and i think it really kicks ass.
can i ask why no diamonds? if it is because of moral reasons i would research the morality of tanzanite also. when researching rings recently i recall that someone said tanazanite was a very troubled stone. good luck i hope you find something awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy He said a lot. I'm glad you read it, skim. I know it is not easy...but the aspects aren't either tracy LOVE your new av! hahahahah such a jupiter mama!
Its time to replace our fridge which is on its last leg. I want to buy a new one so I need to begin my research. What are your tips on buying a new fridge? Did you recently buy one that you love? Or Hate? Why or why not? My fridge should have/be: Energy Efficient A large freezer (Don't have room for a chest and this is a biggie for me) A water/ice maker Moveable shelves Have shelves/drawers that my kids can reach Thanks!
Look into EMDR or Somatic Experiencing and see if either resonates with you. If you can, get this book Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A Levine. He developed Somatic Experiencing and the book will really help you both through the process of healing and understanding the technique.
New Posts  All Forums: