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I am so sorry to hear about this, it is clear you are in a lot of pain. What type of talk therapy did you try? Did you speak with someone who deal specifically with birth issues and/or PTSD? Have you tried EFT or acupunture? I had a very difficult time healing from a bad birth experience. It took a tremendous amount of work and required a bunch of different healing modalities over a number of years including acupuncture, art therapy, homepathy, flower essence...
what does sup's mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by SleeplessMommy Why are you interested in building when the existing houses are at greatly reduced prices? Do you already own the land? Yes, land is available. A small parcel that can only hold a cottage. I don't know anything about modular homes at all. Most of the web sites I have come across are a touch confusing.
I am looking into modular homes, specifically cottages. Have you been through this process before? Can you share?
what is a pie shield? i have had mixed results with freezing quiche. sometimes mine turns out watery.
okay i am so jonesing already for the new season to start. i can't believe it is another 5 months or so. i rewatched the season 4 finale tonight. sigh. i forgot how dayummmmmm good sawyer looks coming out of the water. and how teary i was when the bomb went off.
Hiya. So my sister in law got a visa to come to America which means I am planning a trip for MAY!!! Woot I am so excited. It will be out first time in 2 and half years with many failed plans in between. I want to stay at AK. I am thinking of renting DVC points so save on the rooms. What do you guys think? I doubt any specials will run in May......I want to stay for a week.
Thanks for the welcome back. I made better choices last night, but still not totally OP. I have a question, and not to alienate, but more to align.....is anyone else here a working mom? I work nearly full time (about 32 hours a week) and I just find it so hard to add counting points to my nearly full schedule. I have my own business, am in school full time, and parent 2 children under 6 and having one more thing to do makes me almost want to scream! It is *alot*. So...
Hi There, Back and forth back and forth. I am back on the wagon. The summer has been terrible and I put back on the weight I lost back in May. I haven't been on program in 3 months. I would like to loose 20 pounds before the end of the year. I have been trying to wake up early and take walks, and now that all my mommy friends are back I can start going to the gym again. I am thinking of doing core this time and completely revamping except I LOVE dairy. Like too much....
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