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i don't seem to have any female flowers on the zuc plant at all. the cucumber i found a few females. should i hand polinate or assume that nature is doing its thing (there are probably 15 male flowers to every female). now why has my arugula stopped growing. its turning pink as is my parsley??? sorry - here is my life as an amateur gardener.
wow thanks. i am going to google images just to make sure i know which is male and which is female. could the same thing be going on with my cucumbers? tons of flowers but only 1 cuc so far.
Why are my zucchini plants dropping their flowers? First I thought DS was pulling them off. Then I thought deer. Now I think neither and I think they are just losing the totally flower. The entire flower, including the little green "cup" that holds the flower is falling off at the stem. I notice the same thing is happening to my neighbors yellow squash. Help - I was really really looking forward to some fresh zukes!
Quote: Originally Posted by mum06 My kids really enjoyed Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It was quick and easy. They learn to sound out words as one continuous sound instead of buh-buh-buh ah-ah-ah- tuh-tuh-tuh. I got the book from the library to try it out and bought my own copy for $13 off Amazon. thanks for this. i looked in my library but they don't have it locally, it would have to be transferred. i went ahead and purchased...
My DD is 5.5 and she wants to learn to read this summer. Can you share about how you taught your child to read? Are there any books or tools (like sandpaper Montessori letters etc) that you used? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Dug out the links to the old thread (which has links to other threads!) the great thread that ambrose made with lots of summary posts and links to old threads
Aw I appreciate the love but nope.... anything involving luck symbols in the bathroom is a big no no. Whether you are practicing Flying Star or 8 Mansions the same rule applies. Rocks around the toilet is a common cure to ground the area. Usually behind the toilet where the exit drain is. And yup, keeping the toilet lid down is always a good idea. Not just for FS but because toilets use a vacuum energy and the germs can get pushed out and spread over the area.
A generalized definition of feng shui is energy work on buildings. So yup, you are right on. Search this forum, there are TWO huge threads on FS. So here are my thoughts: Money isn't always connected to bathrooms (its more about the placement of the bathroom in a particular direction) but there are some general rules. You want to make sure the area is "sealed" so things don't "drain" away. If you have a huge open drain, make sure it is plugged up. Put a curtain over...
I have some dark spots on the stems of my pepper plants. Any ideas what that could be? Should I be concerned?
Hmmm I think there is a Disney hotline for guests with special needs. Here is a link about food restrictions for you http://www.allearsnet.com/din/special.htm with a number to call. I wouldn't give up hope with the camp site. I think that only requires a one night deposit if you aren't doing a package. With the economy and gas prices I think you could see some really late cancellations. But I would be calling myself every morning. Slightly obsessive.....but the squeaky...
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