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I havent been back here since my little one arrived - never seem to find any free time. Isabella Sage was 6 months old on the 12th and she's just wonderful! No sitting on her own yet and no signs of crawling either. She rolls but only from her back onto her front. She has 1 tooth and is crazy about avocado and peas. She doesnt sleep well, usually anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours at a stretch. Completely loving motherhood! Edited to say: she is now 7.2 kg's -...
I havent been here in a while, but Isabella Sage was born at 07h35 on the 12th February :
I havent had any internals during this pregnancy and no one (midwives/gynaes/obs) have even asked to do one. I dont expect to have any at all until in labour. I guess things work differently in different countries.
Paella. I ended up trying to sleep standing against a wall because the heartburn was so bad that the paella came up again every time I even sat down. Yuck!
I'm so grouchy I'm feeling homicidal most of the time. Me being reclusive is more for my friends and families safety than anything else
Not sure what the terminology is but she has ber butt and one foot engaged in my pelvis. The other foot is next to her head (which is straight up). Seeing the midwife on Saturday and an acupuncturist on Tuesday. Hope the accupuncturist can help.
It looks like an alien trying to break free of my belly, but DH got this short clip of baby trying to turn the night before last (she hasnt succeeded yet) http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s...lienbump01.flv
I started getting them around 16 weeks already. My breasts, backside and thighs are completely covered. My midwife said "are those all from this pregnancy?" when she saw them
DH called his dad to say "how do you feel about being a grandad?"... the response was a grumpy "I guess you're not actually giving me much choice in the matter, are you?" We had been trying for quite some time before getting preggie. My mother went absolutely insane - but good insane. The baby isnt here yet and she has more clothes and shoes and toys from my mother than any child needs in a lifetime.
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