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Hey ladies!   I am wondering if any of you have a book you would recommend to deal with teens when shit gets hard?  My son has recently moved in with his dad, who I get along great with and live really close to.  He has a great house and essentially my son gets to live a life of luxury there.   Anyways, I need tips/advice/a book to deal with such things like defiance, disrespect, misuse of social media, and communication.     Thanks so much!!
Thanks ladies!
Does anyone know of any birth conferences/workshops coming up? I'm in desperate need of some motivation and refocusing. And I'm definitely willing to travel (somewhere warm preferably, ) Thanks!
Hey ladies, I'm looking in to taking CBE training, but can't decide on what program to go with. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Congrats Jess, what a beautiful story. Sounds like a wonderful homebirth.
I'm so sorry for your loss mama, I lost twins as well, it's so hard. Please come join us on the Pregnancy and Birth Loss forum, it's a great place of support and resource.
I like the Toddler Babyhawk mei tai or an Olives and Applesauce. A Chunei is also nice for big kids, it is a torso carry so not too much weight on the shoulders.
I don't have twins , but I do help mothers learn to babywear. I have also worn 2, not twins, just siblings. I had a mama of twins come over yesterday and we put both babies in one wrap. It was a woven wrap and we did one of the front and one on the back. Instructions are here You could modify this carry with just doing a ruck on the back. We used a 5.2m wrap. There are other carries you can do with just one wrap and 2 babies, either one on the front and one...
Quote: Originally Posted by possum I'd go for a German woven wrap that you can use for a little squishy baby right up to a humongous toddler (like mine). I think stretchy wraps have too short a life expectancy and have no resale value if you don't love them enough to keep them.
Yep, Stevia is totally safe... not comparable to "artificial sweeteners" at all. I buy mine at the natural food/health store in town.
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