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We went a couple times last summer when the boys were 6.5 and 7.5 months. We have a pop up camper and we put them in their pack and play and that worked well. We are planning on trying at least once this summer....I am scared.They will be 18 months! Not sure how we will pull it off at this age.
We did Irish names Finn and Kian.
I don't post much here, but I just wanted to say, "congrats." I had twins and my OB insisted on the OR just in case (I had some medical issues too). I delivered Baby A vaginally, no problems, but Baby B went breech. We tried to deliver him breech, but he wouldn't cooperate and went butt first, so I had an emergency C-section. I wish you luck. I think it is great you are going for it, but just be prepared for the twists and turns that can sometimes happen. As...
I lurk from time to time here. I am having twins and I also had a very high risk pg (w/ previous 22 week loss), so I sometimes felt a little hesitant to post here. It is hard to sometimes "trust your body" and "do things naturally" when the only way you are still carrying your baby is because you had a Dr surgically place a stitch in your cervix. ...but I do love to pop in and learn from all of you women...and now that my pg has gone this long AND the babies are both...
I am new here...but I thought I would join in! Boy: Beckett Eugene (nickname Beck and Eugene is a family name) Girl: Chloe, Maya or (my favorite) Aine (pronounced Anya) with a middle name of Ayn (my middle name) or Eve (for the great-grandmothers Eva and Eveyln) Carey
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