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It sounds like the skin is may be less elastic than normal due to the diaper rash, and he has gone through separation at the same time.  The separation caused the ballooning (which is perfectly normal and generally harmless.)   The ballooning stretch out the foreskin.  Normally the foreskin is quite elastic and simple expands to accommodate the ballooning.  If the rash has caused the foreskin to be less elastic than normal and the skin to be more brittle than normal,...
That is paraphimosis!   If you can't fix it pronto, you need to go to the ER.   You can try squeezing the glans while pulling the foreskin back into position, but don't waste much time.  If it doesn't work immediately , go to the ER. 
Kennedy Space Center     I've been dreaming of taking DS.  We did take him to the NASA center near Chinqoteague VA, when he was 2 yo.
I'd just tell DS that it's something that he will understand when he is older.  Some things one really does need to figure out for oneself.
Is the school work at an appropriate level to hold his interest?  If it is either too difficult or too easy, then it is normal for him to loose focus.
Your DS has plenty of time for his foreskin to become fully retractable.  It is perfectly normal to not become fully retractable well into puberty.     Ballooning is also perfectly normal and harmless.   Steroid creams are for adults and only work when combined with stretching exercises that are inappropriate for children.  If your DS is still not retractable when he is 16 or 17 yo and he is uncomfortable with that, then steroid cream and stretching would be an...
Testicles need to be checked till around age 2.  Some times previously descended testicles will go back up.  Also, till the child is out of diapers, a severe diaper rash still could be an issue.   Sometimes though it is simply a lack of understanding that intact boys don't suffer from the problems that circ'd boys may.  For example, meatal stenosis usually shows up around age 3, and many people (including Drs) are unaware that it is caused by circ and therefore does not...
You've made it to 15 months, you've obviously either been very vigilant so far or have been fortunate enough to have a sensible Dr.  You've got just 2 more WBV to get through, and then you are into annual exams.  Once you're past toddlerhood and diapers, the underwear usually just stays on for those annual exams anyway.     While it's never a good idea to not pay any attention to what's going on, you are almost past the point where forcible is likely to take you by...
Glad you got him to pee in a cup.  For future reference, alcohol swabs don't belong on genitals.
I'm not saying the behavior is OK.  I just think it is necessary to understand where a behavior comes from in order to fix it.   Continuing to talk about why the baby she is carrying shouldn't be circ'd is just going to make him more and more defensive.  helping him understand that he doesn't need to defend his own penis can get him to move past this and start behaving in an appropriate manner again.
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