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Is it possible that they are just doing a very poor job of trying to tell him he needs to send in a sun hat for her and sunscreen so she won't get sunburned on the playground?
When you talk to the other mom, make sure it's private and that she won't say anything to the other girls.  If the other girls found out your DD was scared, it might lead to teasing.
This has absolutely nothing to do with the baby in your belly.  Your baby will be a girl anyway, so it is truly a non-issue.   Your Dh is defending his own penis.  he needs to assert that he has a good penis.  Everything you have shown him has caused him to panic that he might not actually have the very best type of penis, so he needs to get others to say how much better his type of penis is.
I had to google hydrozole, since we don't have it in the US under that name.     It seems to be a basic all purpose anti-fungal (looks similar to monistat which is available in the US.)  So it sounds like your Dr suspects a fungal infection. This seems a good first course of treatment, but if it doesn't work go back for a culture.  When treating a minor infection on the genitals it's always good to treat for fungal first.   If putting it on him is too much of a...
  That sounds weird.  I would write to the Archdiocese about that.  Church is for everyone, not just those who are able to set up direct deposit.
  I think we need to teach all our children to be careful medical consumers who think for themselves and aren't afraid to get a second opinion.
I something is telling you that this is more than flu, listen to that.  Don't ignore you instincts.
If you are working really hard to cheer him up and offering lots of hugs every time he speaks negatively about himself, then that ends up strongly reinforcing the negative talking and thinking.
Many Dr will make up a "need" in order to get insurance to pay for an elective circ.  Adult men may wish to be circ for a variety of reasons.     The other reason would be that many medical reasons for circ could be be treated with less drastic measures, but Dr don't bother to try those first.  A circ is a very quick and easy relatively low risk procedure, which is quite profitable.  For example, phimosis is easily treated with a steroid cream, similar to what get...
Permanent damage is very unlikely, that is generally a concern from frequent repeated retraction.  The main reason we make such a fuss over single incidences of retraction is that it carries risk of immediate problems (paraphimosis, infection) and causes discomfort.  The biggest danger, which is paraphimosis, would have been immediately evident, so you don't need to worry about that one now.  Just keep an eye on it for a couple of days for signs of infection.
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