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I thought you knew I was in the east from my location.  Though you do need to be familiar with state nicknames to get mine.
bold mine   Yeah, I do generally think a Dr who is willing to admit s/he doesn't know absolutely everything is a generally good thing.  No one can actually know everything.   We tend to be a bit gun shy of urologist referrals around here, b/c they usually lead to a circ recommendation over something that is either completely normal (ballooning for example) or easily treated with out surgery (such as the infection your DS has.)
A fever is a good indicator of infection.  I don't understand why they didn't just prescribe some antibiotics?  Why the need to see a urologist?
Another simple thing to try before heading to the ER, is just squeezing the glans, then pulling the foreskin back in place.  The main thing is to not waste a lot of time on home remedies before heading for the ER.
There are the additional costs of caring for the wound.  Though these are relatively small, they are completely out of pocket.  There is the cost of vaseline, gauze, tape and ointment for dressing the wound.  There is the cost of baby tylenol for comfort.  There is the cost of extra diapers b/c the child will be in pain every time he pees a teeny tiny bit.
Sorry about that.  I didn't read past the first post before I posted.  It's just that paraphimosis really is an emergency, so I didn't want you wasting time.  The important thing is simply to get the foreskin back into it's unretracted position, so since your Dh knew what to do the emergency is over.
That's paraphimosis.  Go to the ER now.   ETA: read the update, don't go to the ER.  It's OK now that your Dh got the foreskin back down.
  I didn't realize it was that late.  The party is at 2pm, and it's a little kid party so over by 4pm.   Isn't Pittsburgh in the SB this year?
Annoying as it can be, it's normal.  It's both normal to pick up on the way people around you speak, and it's normal that kids start getting less polite with their parents when the novelty of politeness wears off and the easiness of barking orders gains appeal.   Just ask you child to speak to you politely and clearly.     When he is speaking with his/her peers, don't worry about him/her speaking the way they do.  This is actually a valuable social skill and...
Many IQ tests are designed to see if a person is able to figure out something novel that they are unfamiliar with out.  If the person being tested is actually familiar with the testing materials before hand, then their IQ will be inflated.
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